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My Approach to Life Coaching...

Organic Coaching

By engaging in pure organic coaching I am able to walk with you through almost any type of situation. In an organic coaching session we are free to dive into all of the obstacles that may get in your path and figure out how to overcome them.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

I use a hands on approach to walk you through situations that may allude you. Through facing each challenge head on, you will gain skills to overcoming life's obstacles. I take one to two clients per month on an unlimited access basis.  I will be available via email, text, and video conferencing if you are interested in this level of accountability please contact Michelle to discuss package pricing.

Resilience Coaching

Find yourself freezing in the face of turbulance? Learn how to tackle your thoughts and actions and practice using skills in a safe environment which will leave you confident to face life's challenges head on.

About me...

I love watching people succeed, so much so, that I transitioned my life to pursue Life Coaching as a career! So, I obtained my Youth and Teen Resilience Coaching certification from the Youth Coaching Institute, and am pursuing ICF Accrediation. I get to wake up every day and do what I love, walking alongside people like you as you make strides toward thriving!

I am a great example of an "At Risk" / "High Risk" teenager who went and climbed her way from the bottom to turn her life into exactly what she wanted. If anyone understands what you're going through, it's this girl!


Life coaching isn't therapy. Instead, it's to help you access and use all of the tools you've been given with an accountabillabuddy. To find out if Life Coaching is right for you please reach out!

I am an open-minded person, who will accept all parts of you. There is nothing too taboo, embarrassing, or boring to discuss. Whether you're striving to discover your hidden potential, or just looking to move from "stuck", I can help. I am able to assist in all forms of transitions that life may have you in, from friends to identity to school. I specialize in Youth/Teen/Young Adult Resilience Coaching. With an organic approach to coaching, it allows us to move deeper into the issues that truly brought you here. I believe that even the smallest of victories deserve the largest of celebrations!

My Approach
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